They are called "bungee cords" after the caoutchouc elastic cables used in particular during the Second World War in order to decelarate the aircrafts landing on the British aircraft carriers and USS Navy.

Elastic cords we produce are the results of a deep Know-How started in the '80s and developped with our studies on the elastic/plastic deformation of the lattex thread when it's subjected to progressive loads until it breaks. All these studies have been done through technical tests at the Petzl Laboratory (France) in 1991, at the Dipartimento di Meccanica del Politecnico in Turin (Italy) in 1993 and a four year applied tests at our Bungee Centers. Since 1998, our A.E.System® passed more than 600 cycles during the most stressed test, the Ejection. This test shows that all the elastic cords manufactured with our A.E.System® when are subjected to more than 600 real dinamic cycles (not simulated) still amply maintain their beginning features, either the Power/Tension or the extension during the mass deceleration phase

This Laboratory's sequence show the studies on Power-Deformation
during the "plastic" extension (>500% of prolongation up to the breaking)

Manufacturing evolution of the Bungee Cords endings (from left to right:
1st phase 1986, 2nd phase since 1992 and 3rd phase since: the A.E.System©)

Our real innovation is the application of a new safety system, the "Anti-Elongation System®", in all the elastic cords employed for usages that involve people (bungee jumping, ejection, theatre and acrobatic usages).

We have tested and patented the A.E.S.®. It consists in fitting a polyamide line cord into the elastic cord (this special polyamide line cord is certificated up to breaking limit >21kN), that prevents the bungee cord overextension even after the limits established by tests. This System grants to avoid an exaggerate extension due to a wrong utilization (a superior load than the one allowed) but also to avoid the mass deformation (that may become plastic instead of elastic) produced by the extension of the cord. A special indicator placed on the top of each line cord allows to check daily if the prolongation has reached the maximum extension permitted by the line cord. A further detail about the safety of our bungee jumping cords is that we use 3 different kinds of cord sizes according to the jumper's weight: S (>45 <75 kg), M (>75 <95 kg) and L (>95 <145 kg). For each size we use a different colour of line cord in order to avoid every possible mistake during the usage.

Before being manufactured, each bungee cord is designed through precise estimates that allow to define the ratio between overextension and tension and they are calculated according to the different kind of usages. Each manufactured cord, during the final production phase, is subjected to the Quality Check through Dynamometric Test in order to constantly check the correspondence of the tension/extension values by means of defined parameters

For a better application to the different usages, our elastic cords are supplied with different ending attachments as stainless steel Maillons Rapides (different sizes) o Nylon 6.6 round reels specially turned for a better housing of all kind of sections

steel Maillon Rapide (misures from 10 to 16)

Nylon 6.6 round steel (misures from 100 to 200 mm)

For some kind of applications we can supply our bungee cords with a lycra sheathing that can be personalized with your company brand

In the last 5 years, besides the great technical and manufacture evolution, we have acquired a great experience in different applications. We sell and hire bungee cords, leggings and slingings. We can provide technical assistance for cine-TV production, theatres, concerts and entertainment. Please, fill up the form reporting your request (the most detailed as possible)

The longest elastic ever manufactured is a bungee designed for helicopter bungee jumping: 70 metres of length with more than 120 km of lattex threads for a maximum elongation reaching 300 meters ! The smallest one is our Minibungee key-ring that we sell as gadget: just 10 cm of length

In order to receive an estimate for the A.E.S.® Bungee Cords' purchase, please fill up the form indicating all your requests (the more detailed is the description of your Bungee Centre the more complete will be our answer)

Our leadership in this sector, coming from our technical experience, a know-how acquired in more than 10 years of activity and the opening of 8 bungee centres (world spread), allows us to supply a technical and administrative consulting for the opening and the management of Bungee Centres in Italy and in the whole world, absolutely conforming to the European safety standards. Fill up the form reporting your request (the more detailed as possible) and we will supply to you a executive plan in a week time.

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